• Vanilla Rain cupcake with sprinkles
  • Vanilla Rain cupcake with pink flower
  • Vanilla Rain cupcake with black ivy baking cup
  • Vanilla Rain cupcake with mug and tulip


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Full Pink Moon
April 25, 2013

I like to garden, and I have a Farmer's Almanac Gardening calendar.  I love this calendar, as it has lots of interesting information about gardening and when to plant things, and lots of little gems of information that you don't...

Easter Cupcakes with Jelly Beans
March 29, 2013

  My last idea for Easter cupcake decoration is this one, using jelly beans.  These are small jelly beans, similar to Jelly Bellies, and they are from the bulk section of Wegman's.  They have probably about 25 or more colors,...

Easter Cupcakes with Cadbury Eggs
March 29, 2013

I love these little Easter eggs that Cadbury makes.  Chocolate inside a crisp shell.  They almost look real!  You can make grass with a special decorating tip, but I think these Green jimmies make great looking grass in which to...

Easter Cupcakes
March 25, 2013

I'm going to be showing you some ideas for decorating Easter cupcakes this week.  While lilies are the typical Easter flower, these daffodils just scream spring.  I love to garden, and one of my garden philosophies is that you can...